Top Ten Sexiest Cheerleaders Part 5 of 10

April 27, 2006 at 9:00 am (Uncategorized)

Time for another edition of OddJack where you look at the pictures more than you read this article.

Still reading? What's wrong with you?!?

It's time once again for OddJack's ''Top Ten Sexiest Cheerleaders'' as the NBA Playoffs heats up.

So far, our list looks like this:

10. Pacemates

9. Cavalier Girls

8. Silver Dancers

7. DND

Okay, so without further ado, I bring to you our fifth entry for the ''Top Ten Sexiest Cheerleaders'' list, at no.5, here are the Los Angeles Clippers' Spirit Dance Team.

I know, I know, they have a cheesy name but hey, as long as they have great asses shaking at the sidelines, who cares right?

To start things up, we have the very hot Lindsay. In case you didn't notice, we started part 4 with a hot babe named Lindsay as well. I don't know if it's just the name but man… These chicks can really make a man's wand do magical stuff…

This Lindsay is currently working on a major in Deaf Studies. Now I don't know what the fuck they have going on in there or what the hell this so-called ''course'' is all about but hey, Lindsay sure is one sweet piece of ass so I'll let that fly by.

Get this, this hot babe calls learning American Sign Language one of her greatest accomplishments. Yup, and it gets worse. According to this babe, her most recent great accomplishment was when she stopped biting her nails.

Aw c'mon… If you want something else to put on your mouth then I have something for you Lindsay. The only problem is, it will sure hurt if you bite on it.

Next, we have the lovely Taylor.

Taylor is now on her second year as a Spirit Dancer, if you will. She is a half American, half Japanese babe who describes herself as dependable, motivated and caring. (That explains her resemblance to that X-Man, Jubilee. And I meant that in a good way.)

If there's one thing I'm surprised about Taylor, it would have to be the fact that she digs Linkin' Trash… Er… Linkin' Park.

Oh yeah, she does have a wedding ring already. (Boo!)

Last but not the least, and yes, we're almost done with part 5, is the lovely Bobbi.

According to her, she is a woman full of faith. (Hey Bobbi, would it help if you went inside my room and worked on the mystery of conception?)

Bobbi is only on her first year as a member of the Spirit Dance Team. She has a bachelor's degree in Sociology and Mass Communications with a pre-med specialization and a Master's degree in Health Sciences.

Oh yeah, like Taylor, she does have that tiny piece of jewelry that destroys every horndog's hopes and dreams, a fucking wedding ring.

[The Los Angeles Clippers are certainly looking poised to advance to the next round. Can the Spirit Dance Team still shake those shapely asses in the second round of the Western Conference Playoffs? Bodog has the odds, log on and check 'em out now.]



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